Too often new entrants in this emerging market are focused on technical and operations matters, not how they are going to sell and market their services.  This is crucial to their success and this is where Oriens sees its niche.

Oriens works with organisations in the entire value chain, including operators, OEMs, airports, government, high net worth individual purchasers,  FBOs and IT support businesses.

Oriens Advisors help you start, fly and grow

Getting you started:

  • Advising on business planning
  • Assistance with identifying sources of financing
  • Provision of corporate directors
  • Keeping you flying
  • Advising on corporate governance
  • Advising on management of the business fundamentals
  • Assisting with business introductions to aid expansion
  • Helping you grow
  • Identifying potential new markets
  • Developing revenue traction
  • Assisting with integration of acquisitions