What price European connectivity?

Published in Executive and VIP Aviation International, June 2012. Chris Cain and Tristan Crawford, from Oriens Advisors, argue that joined-up thinking on airport capacity is needed if Europe is to get back on its feet economically. The current headlines in the aviation community in Europe concern the threat of a trade war over the EU’s [...]

Airline strategy for sustained profitability in volatile times

By: Michael Ricks, COO Oriens Advisors, Dec 2011 Despite air transport’s continued performance as one of the world’s fastest growing economic sectors, most Airlines have consistently failed to deliver satisfactory returns to their investors. With over 1000 commercial airlines vying for passengers, an outstanding strategy is necessary to promise sustainable profits. Several airlines have been [...]

‘Flexible Based Operations’

‘Flexible Based Operations’ can accommodate FBO spikes By: Charles Alcock January 1, 2011 FBOs Business aviation consultancy Oriens Advisors has teamed with Spanish architecture group Cesar Martinell & Associates to promote a new design for temporary structures that can be used to provide additional capacity for FBOs during busy periods.

Oriens offer a new FBO concept

Oriens Advisors, the aviation consultancy focused on the entry level jet value chain, is partnering with Barcelona based architectural company, Cesar Martinell & Associates, CM&A, to support business development of their new airport construction concept. The Flexible Based Operations building has been designed for the aviation industry and is a semi-permanent structure offering the same [...]

Where Business and Aviation Collide

With talk of a double-dip recession in the UK on the horizon, and a two-tier Euro zone appearing, a collision between business reality and the hopes and aspirations of start-up companies may appear inevitable. However, if you can find an objective board member or commercial advisor with the relevant experience who can constructively review and [...]